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The Man in Seat Sixty-One (http://www.seat61.com)
This site is a terrific resource for surface travel around the globe.

Freighter Cruise and Travel Club International

A good starter Web site for an introduction to travel by freighter.

A-Line Ferries/A-ライン・フェリー (http://www.aline-ferry.com)
The way to get to Okinawa from Honshu or Kyushu, Japan.


Arimura Line Ferries/有村フェリー (http://www.arimuraline.co.jp)
By these ferries, you can get from Okinawa to Taiwan, with possible stops along the way to Miyako and Ishigaki islands.

Nakata Shoten Military Surplus Gear/中田商店ミリタリーグッズ (http://www.nakatashoten.com)
Great place to buy travel gear in Tokyo—cheap and reliable goods. More, the location, Ueno’s Ameyoko, is perfect for all those things you can’t find at Nakata.

Sompo-Japan/損保ジャパン (http://www.sompo-japan.co.jp)

As far as we could find, only Sonpo-Japan provides reasonable travel
insurance for trips of more than one year.

Tokyo Kenekijyo/東京検疫所

For Yellow Fever inoculations in Tokyo, which is necessary for travel
on many freighter routes, this is the place to go. More, the doctors
there can refer you to clinics where you can get Malaria pills,
importantly Malarone and Doxycycline.

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