Our world trip started 14 January 2008 and we completed the trip on 5 August 2009. The start and the finishing point of the trip was our home in Tokyo. The one rule of our trip was that we were not to use any form of flight to get from one place to another; that is, the entire trip was done by surface: land and water. We decided upon this rule for three reasons:

(a) neither of us likes flying, and are to tell the truth irrationally
scared of it;
(b) we both hate and suffer from jet lag; and
(c) you just miss too much flying.


(1) 2人とも飛行機が苦手、というか怖い。

(2) 2人とも時差ボケに弱い、よって時差ボケが大嫌い。

(3) 飛行機では見逃してしまうものがあまりにも多すぎる。

As for any budget, we did not have one, though we did try at all times to keep costs down as much as reasonably possible. The route of the trip as completed is roughly as shown in the map below, with the starting direction being southwest from Tokyo to Taiwan and continuing west over Asia; then to North Africa and Europe; and then to South and North America until making it back across the Pacific to make a complete loop back to Tokyo.


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