We arrived in Nanning by night bus not really knowing where we were, and the first impression is of a relatively laid-back town, with the influence of being close to the border with Vietnam being closely felt. But more importantly, observant of the many prohibitive signs about, we noticed that almost nobody was hacking and spitting on the ground (a disgusting but usual scene). The shock of the loud throat clearing followed by the hacking and spitting on the ground (even on the subway) which we first experienced in China’s so-called showcase of modernity, Shanghai, never left us, and is probably one of the reasons why we loved Nanning so much.


Actually, there really isn’t much in particular to see in Nanning, but just walking about the town we were able to witness what appears to be a regular occurrence in Nanning: large groups of people (most middle aged) practicing their dance moves to pop music.



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