Arrived in Macau on 11 February for a two-day stay. Came by ferry. Like Hong Kong, it was frigid, but no matter because we spent the whole first day and night in the casinos-Macau, Monte Carlo of the far east and all that. Well, I don’t know about Monte Carlo (yet), but it was all that for us.


A number of new, Vegas-style casinos have gone up lately, but we preferred the original Casino Lisboa, and its swanked-up new version, the Grand Lisboa. The Grand is absolutely huge-maybe thirty stories (mostly hotel on the top though) and a genuine Macau landmark. We tried our hand at the cheap “Big Small” tables. Esshie was very lucky at first: she won the price of our hotel in just thirty minutes! But the house always wins, and no sooner had we taken a break and hit the tables again did we break even. Well, honestly speaking, Esshie was still up whilst I was in deep, but that’s what’s good about traveling as a couple!


Grand Lisboa/グランド・リスボア

Did I mention the scantily-clad dancing girls performing atop the main bar? Truly a great time!


The next day was spent sightseeing, and while Macau is a small and very walkable place, there are lots of sights to see. The ruins of St Paul’s, you know, the remaining façade you see on all the postcards etc of Macau, are really stunning. I had to wonder though why the Chinese found it necessary to plant a cheap New Years display with those phony Olympic characters right in front of it. What is with those anyways? No one remembers the mascots for the Olympics, let alone 5 or 6 similarly plain-Jane characters.


St. Paul’s/セントポール主天堂跡

One place we really recommend in the old town is Café Kam Ma Lon. See the map below.

かなりお勧めの場所が「Café Kam Ma Lon」というカフェ。場所は下の写真のとおり。

Old-fashioned Macanese café with tons of atmosphere. And they have kept the old booths-man, I love those things. Oh, the food’s pretty good, too (try the egg tarts and the hamburger-looking things). Aside from the old town itself, those are pretty much the highlights; if you have time to kill you can check out the museum at the top of the hill next to St Paul’s, but it is nothing extraordinary.


One last thing, always check what the minimum bet is, even on the cheap “Big Small”: it’ll get you every time.

最後に一つ忠告。小額で賭けられる「大小」であっても、賭ける前に最低額を確認しましょう。 そうしないと賭けるたびにごっそり持って行かれちゃいますよ。

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