Hong Kong/香港(2008/02/06~02/14)

We arrived in Guangzhou from Shanghai by night bus on 6 February, 15:00. The trip was supposed to take 26 hours, but thanks to the bat-out-of-hell driving of our driver we made it in 21. 10 minutes later we boarded the bus for Shenzhen, China and after passing through immigration were in Hong Kong by 19:00.


We were in Hong Kong for 9 days, but made the most of it by obtaining our Indian and renewed China visas (China visas should be obtained in Hong Kong because you can get multiple entries and same day service), as well as arranging our on-ward China bus tickets and a new batch of Malaria pills (you can get Malarone and Doxycycline at the travel health centres in Hong Kong; a reservation is really not required, but a consultation fee is necessary). But just generally Hong Kong was a relief from Shanghai–from the travel agents to the staff at 7-eleven English is widely understood.


Probably the best thing about Hong Kong is the food. At all of the Chyachyantei’s (kind of a family restaurant, fast food joint, and coffee shop combined) both the food and the service was top notch. The best was “congee”, a kind of hot soup that you can have with twisted, donut-like bread (see pic). If you see a shop with this in the window, go there. And have a nice lemon tea to wash it down.



There is not much space in Hong Kong (duh), but nevertheless the small size of the rooms available in guesthouses takes some getting used to, especially (for us anyway) the shower-toilet combination. Tough to shower when you can’t move your body!

狭い所に700万人も住んでいることを考えれば当たり前だが、香港ではとにかく一人当たりのスペースが狭い。もちろん、我々の宿の部屋も例外ではなく、全 ての部屋が驚くほど狭く、シャワーはトイレの個室の中で浴びる。トイレが邪魔だし、トイレットペーパーが濡れてしまうし、体を動かさずにシャワーを浴びる のはなかなか大変。

Since it was still Chinese New Yer we ended up staying at the “USA” guesthouse. This was at first at the Mirador Mansions, but we asked for a room change and wound up at the the infamous Chungking Mansions. The “room”, more of a closet” stank to high heaven (somebody had puked there recently) and to make ti worst the shower-toilet combo was shared and lacked a door that closed. That was OK though since there was no hot water anyway. Bottom line: reserve early and make sure that the Mirador Mansion is the address of the reservation, and never, ever let them move you to the Chingking Mansions–even if they say, as they always do, that it is the same company.

旧正月シーズンに真っただ中の2月上旬は、香港中のホステルが満室状態で部屋を選べる状態ではなく、2つ目の宿である「USAホステル」であてがわれた部 屋が悪名高い「重慶マンション」の一室だった。とにかく狭い上に、部屋の中は異様な匂い(よく見ると誰かが吐いたような跡が…)。共同トイレとシャワーは 不潔極まりなく、ドアはちゃんと閉まらず、途中でお湯が水になり、とにかく大変なシャワーだった。ハイシーズンに香港を訪れる場合は、早めに 「Mirador マンション」など良い宿に予約を入れておくことをお勧めする。さらに、ホステルのスタッフに部屋はMirador マンションなどではなく「別のビル」にあると言われたら、だいたい「重慶マンション」に連れて行かれるので、それだけは絶対断わるべし!

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