Tourism in Taipei/台北観光 (2008/01/15~01/21)

Today we moved from Taipei to Taitung, on the East coast. Will write about that soon, but first a little about some tourism in Taipei.


中正紀念堂/Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

May be hard to tell from the photos, but the size of the memorial is reminiscent of many of the edifices of the Soviet era that we saw in Russia. It is kind of out of place in today’s democratic Taiwan, and it is likely an object of mixed feelings for many–but then also fitting for the Generalissimo.


台北101/Taipei 101

Taipei 101 itself is not the only thing sky high, the admission price is in the clouds as well–a whopping 400 NT dollars. It does have its points, such as a great view and an elevator that whisks you to the 89th floor in less time that it takes the Kouenji New National Court elevator to take you to the 5th. But, really, at this price you may be better off to skip it and treat yourself at the night market.


士林夜市/Shilin Night Market

Like I said, head to the night market! Shilin’s is the largest in Taipei and there’s lots of eats all conveniently holed up under one roof. We were looking for some famous shops, but that didn’t stop us from filling our faces on the way–enough that we had our fill by the time we found what we were looking for.


行天宮 / Xingtian (Hsing-t’ien) Temple

Xingtian is, in a spiritual sense, a very happening place–it’s overflowing with throngs of young and old making offerings to the gods. Esshie drew a sacred lot. She received good news: a lot that portends the greatest happiness. Not a bad way to start off the trip, no? Even more, Esshie also visited a fortune teller from amongst the many lining the underpass in front of the temple, whereupon she was told that if her ciculation can be improved, much good will come of it. Whatever the believability factor, t’was interesting. Then again, she was also told that riches would come after 40–this we’re taking to the bank!


台北の街の風景 / Typical Street Scapes

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