Arrival in Taiwan/台湾に到着しました (2008/01/15)

We arrived in the port of Keelung, Taiwan by ferry on January 15. As noted earlier, the boat and our berths were quite nice.


From Keelung we took a short bus ride to the capital, Taipei, and stayed at the “Formosa Hostel No.1“, which I have stayed at twice before in 1998 and 2002. Though the pictures may not do it justice, it is very comfortable and, more importantly, cheap–500 NT dollars for 2 a night.


Formosa Hostel No.1/フォモサホステルNo.1:

Common Area/共同部屋

Japanese resident, Zono-kun/台湾在住のゾノ君


Our room/わたしたちのお部屋


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