Start of World Trip!/世界一周の旅のスタート!(2008/01/14)

On 14 January, at Naha’s “New Harbour”, we boarded the ferry for Taiwan, and so commenced the start of our world trip. The trip to Keelung Harbour took about 22 hours by way of the Japanese islands of Ishigaki and Miyako. The ship itself was large and well provided for, but, contrary to the “fair sailing” reports we received, the passage was quite rough–Esshie was sick the whole time! Not much to do, but did I mention the beer vending machines?

1月14日、那覇新港においてクルーズフェリー「飛龍」に乗り込みました。宮古島と石垣島を経て台湾の基隆(キーロン)港まで約22時間の旅です。大きく て立派なクルーズでしたが、船は沖に出ている間ずっと揺れに揺れたため、妻は完全にダウン。起き上がることもできず、ひたすらベッドに横たわっておりまし た。ちなみに、船のスタッフによると普段はそこまで揺れないそうです。

A rarin’ to go/いよいよ、スタート!

Japanese immigration procedures occurred on board at Miyako–a few guys sitting at a desk wearing uniforms that screamed government. Nice enough though–whole thing was over in 2 minutes. Also at that time many Taiwanese boarded, changing the atmosphere of the boat–Japan to Taiwan, just like that.


The cabin/私たちの船室

And nothing but fair sailing from here!

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