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Tianjin to Kobe/天津から神戸へ(2009/08/02~08/05)

日曜日, 2月 7th, 2010

Our tour of NK finished, we arrived in Tianjin by night train. We went quickly in search of what would be the last hotel of our trip around the area of Tianjin station. I suppose we had become accustomed to having all accommodations and meals arranged for us whilst in NK, because we were finding the whole hotel search thing to be a real nuisance. And being the last hotel of the trip and all, we decided to dish out for a 3-star hotel with a double room and breakfast included.



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End of World Trip/世界一周達成 (2009/08/05)

木曜日, 2月 11th, 2010

Made it!/世界一周完了!