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To China by Freighter/貨物船で台湾から中国へ (2008/01/24~01/28)

金曜日, 2月 1st, 2008

On 24 January  from Kaohsiung Harbour we boarded the German freighter “LT Cortesia” bound for China. Departure was “on or about the 24th”, and, indeed, while we were first told by the agent that the ship would be along side at 13:00, she did not come alongside until 21:30. No matter though, the agent was great and kept in contact with us at the hostel until she was alongside, at which time he sent a taxi for us that took us through the port directly to the ship.

First time on a freight for us, and as you can see by the pics, these things are ginormous (is that a word?). The terminal’s business is frieght and not passengers, and so we had to be quite careful of all the cranes lifting freight about us whilst we awaited the lowering of the gangway. Going up that rickety gangway was something else also. We were greeted aboard by the very able Captain and then after the paperwork were led to our cabin by the 2nd officer, who explained the safety regulations aboard along the way.

1月24日、この日は高雄の港からドイツの貨物船「LT CORTESIA」へ乗船する日でした。前日訪れた代理店からは、貨物船は午後1時ごろ港に着く予定なので入港したら連絡するといわれていました。しかし結局船が着いたのは午後9時30分時頃。私たちは代理店が手配してくれたタクシーで高雄の港へ向かいました。



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At sea (update)/海上にて (2009/01/10)

土曜日, 1月 10th, 2009

Just to let everyone know, we finally left the port of Barcelona in the early hours of 30 December 2008, and are still at sea. Well, probably at the time you read this anyway. Thing is, the schedule has changed a little bit and we are expecting now to disembark at Santos (near Sao Paulo) on or about the 15th, with calls in Rio de Janeiro, Paranagua, and Rio Grande. We get shore leave like everyone else at these ports, which allows us to access the Internet and so post stuff like this.


We will of course post something complete about the journey after disembarkation in Santos. Bye for now.


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Barcelona (Spain) to Santos (Brazil) by freighter “MSC GENEVA” / 貨物船MSC GENEVAでバルセロナ(スペイン)からサントス(ブラジル)へ (2008/12/29~2009/1/16)

日曜日, 1月 25th, 2009

*Please ignore dates on all photos: our camera broke and we had to use another that doesn’t record dates accurately–sorry.


The scheduled plan was that our freighter, “MSC GENEVA”, was to berth in Barcelona on 23 December, but due to schedule changes and then persistent bad weather she could not berth and our boarding day was pushed back, and back, and back until we were left wondering if we could board by the end of the year. And then finally late at night on the 29th we received word from the captain the “MSC GENEVA” was on approach and that we could board that night. We then quickly grabbed a taxi and made for the port-there to find, at last, a large container ship with “MSC GENEVA” on the bow. Though it was the middle of the night, the gantry cranes were all in full swing loading and unloading cargo from the ship. What with the movement of the huge containers and cranes all about the huge ship in the middle of the night, it was a tad intimidating. But after making it up the shaky gangway, we received a very warm welcome from the captain, the officers, and the crew. By the time we woke up the next morning the “MSC GENEVA” had already left port and was underway in the Mediterranean. After such a long wait, we were practically overjoyed at having just made it aboard.

バルセロナで は、2008å¹´12月21日に貨物船MSC GENEVAに乗る予定だったが、悪天候のせいで船が何日間も港に停泊できず、このままバルセロナで年を越すか・・?と思っていた矢先の12月29日深 夜、やっと船長から港に着いたので乗船できると連絡をもらった。早速タクシーで港に向かうと、船首のあたりに「MSC GENEVA」と書かれた巨大な貨物船が見えてきた。深夜だというのに巨大なガントリークレーンが活発に動いていて、コンテナ積下ろしの真っ最中。コンテ ナ群と巨大な貨物船やクレーンは、夜みると迫力があってなんだか怖い。船の脇腹あたりに着いている不安定な階段を上ると、船長や船員たちに暖かく歓迎され た。翌日目が覚めると、もう船は港を離れて地中海を走っていた。待った時間が長かったことも手伝って、やっと貨物船に乗れた嬉しさが込み上げてきた。 (さらに…)

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Cruising from Peru to America/クルーズ船でペルーからアメリカへ(2009/04/30~05/11)

水曜日, 5月 20th, 2009

We arrived at the port of Callao after a 30-minute taxi ride from Lima. This was our first cruise, and the ship was the “Radiance of the Seas“. Arriving at the port, the huge, white outline of the alongside ship was already clearly visible. We were then taken by shuttle bus from the port to the gangway, where we exchanged our passports for passes and gained entry to the massive and very showy main lobby, the edges of which were filled with guests already well into relax mode. We can say that we did feel somewhat reluctant, what with our less-than-clean backpacks and what not. Our room was windowless, but did have a nice, large bed, television, and a sofa. After 10 days in this well-equipped and comfortable room we arrived at our long-awaited destination: America. Just for a while we were able to avoid the constant moving, the packing and unpacking, the advertised-but-in-fact-lacking hot showers, and everything else-it was nice.

リマからタクシーで30分程走ると、カヤオ港に到着。この港で乗るのは初めてのクルーズ船。その名も「Radiance of the Seas(海の輝き)」。港に着くと、すでに白い巨大な船体が着岸しているのが見える。シャトルバスで入口まで行き、パスポートと引き換えにパスカードをもらって中に入ると、きらびやかなロビーがあり、その周りのソファーでは乗客がくつろいでいる。なんだか、薄汚いバックパッカーとして入るのはちょっと気が引ける雰囲気。通された部屋は窓無しだけれど、ふかふかベッドにテレビ、ソファーまで着いている。この快適な部屋で10日間過ごせば、待ちに待ったアメリカに到着だ。つらい長距離バス移動、お湯の出ないシャワー、荷解きと荷造りを繰り返す毎日から、しばらくおさらばできるだけでも、かなり嬉しい。 (さらに…)

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From Oakland, CA to Pusan, South Korea by Freighter/貨物船でCA州オークランドから韓国の釜山へ(2009/07/01~13)

日曜日, 8月 2nd, 2009

After returning to Los Angeles from Vegas, we boarded Amtrak once again for San Francisco, where we again imposed on our friend Alexei to let us stay with him for a couple of days before making for the port of Oakland on July 1 via the Bay Bridge. At the port we boarded the freighter Hanjin Dallas, making it our third freighter voyage. The Hanjin Dallas then made non-stop across the Pacific Ocean for the port of Pusan, South Korea.

ベガスからロスアンゼルスに戻ったあと、Amtrakでサンフランシスコに移動。前回お世話になった、SF在住の友人、アレクセイのアパートにまた泊めさせてもらった。そして7月1日、サンフランシスコからベイブリッジを越えて、オークランド港へ。この港から、今回の旅行で3度目の貨物船、「Hanjin Dallas」に乗り込んだ。オークランド出港後、「Hanjin Dallas」は太平洋をノンストップで横断し、韓国の釜山へ向かう。アメリカから、一気に東アジアへ移動だ。


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