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Chile to Puno, Peru/チリからペルーのプーノまで(2009/04/13~15)

金曜日, 4月 24th, 2009

Waiting for the bus in Arica, Chile, it turned out that what we were waiting for was not a bus at all, but rather simply a car that would take us to the nearest town on the Peru side, Tacna, where we would get on a bus. Odd, because we were sure that we had bought “bus” tickets at the counter; in any event, it was into the car with a Swiss man and a Canadian girl who had also bought “bus” tickets at the same counter.

チリのアリカで私たちを待っていたのは、バスではなく、くたびれた乗用車。バスに乗るのはペルー側の町タクナかららしい。バスのチケットを買ったと思っていたので、なんだか腑に落ちないまま、同じカウンターでチケットを買い、同じく腑に落ちない顔のスイス人男性とカナダ人女性と一緒に乗用車に乗る。 (さらに…)

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Cusco to Machu Picchu and back/クスコ→マチュピチュ→クスコ(2009/04/15~04/20)

水曜日, 4月 29th, 2009

Cusco is the former capital of the Incan Empire and the main jumping off point for trips to the Inca’s “lost” city, Machu Picchu, and as such it is overrun with tourists, especially backpackers. Thankfully, and somewhat surprisingly (at least to us), it is also at a considerably lower elevation than Puno, with the result that almost all of our altitude sickness symptoms had dissipated by the time we arrived.

クスコはインカ帝国の首都だった街で、あの有名な「失われた都市」マチュピチュ遺跡への出発地となる場所でもある。そのため、クスコの街中は旅行者、特にバックパッカーであふれている。ありがたいことに、クスコは標高が高いという印象を持っていた私たちにとっては意外だったけれど、前の街プーノよりかなり標高が低いので、クスコに到着した頃には、高山病の症状はほとんど無くなっていた。 (さらに…)

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Nasca (pictures on the ground place) & Lima/ナスカ&リマ(2009/04/21~04/30)

火曜日, 5月 12th, 2009

We arrived at Nasca early in the morning by a night bus from Cusco. Nasca is of course the famous place that has several long lines of stones arranged in such a way to form pictures that are only visible from the air: the mysterious and famous Nasca Lines. Presumably no one who comes here does so without seeing these lines. And the people of nothing-in-particular-of-any-interest Nasca clearly benefit from the endless stream of travelers. Apparently, the best time to see the lines is in the morning, and it was with this in mind that we set up a tour as soon as we had checked in to our hotel with a local tour operator who just happened to be in the hotel.



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Cruising from Peru to America/クルーズ船でペルーからアメリカへ(2009/04/30~05/11)

水曜日, 5月 20th, 2009

We arrived at the port of Callao after a 30-minute taxi ride from Lima. This was our first cruise, and the ship was the “Radiance of the Seas“. Arriving at the port, the huge, white outline of the alongside ship was already clearly visible. We were then taken by shuttle bus from the port to the gangway, where we exchanged our passports for passes and gained entry to the massive and very showy main lobby, the edges of which were filled with guests already well into relax mode. We can say that we did feel somewhat reluctant, what with our less-than-clean backpacks and what not. Our room was windowless, but did have a nice, large bed, television, and a sofa. After 10 days in this well-equipped and comfortable room we arrived at our long-awaited destination: America. Just for a while we were able to avoid the constant moving, the packing and unpacking, the advertised-but-in-fact-lacking hot showers, and everything else-it was nice.

リマからタクシーで30分程走ると、カヤオ港に到着。この港で乗るのは初めてのクルーズ船。その名も「Radiance of the Seas(海の輝き)」。港に着くと、すでに白い巨大な船体が着岸しているのが見える。シャトルバスで入口まで行き、パスポートと引き換えにパスカードをもらって中に入ると、きらびやかなロビーがあり、その周りのソファーでは乗客がくつろいでいる。なんだか、薄汚いバックパッカーとして入るのはちょっと気が引ける雰囲気。通された部屋は窓無しだけれど、ふかふかベッドにテレビ、ソファーまで着いている。この快適な部屋で10日間過ごせば、待ちに待ったアメリカに到着だ。つらい長距離バス移動、お湯の出ないシャワー、荷解きと荷造りを繰り返す毎日から、しばらくおさらばできるだけでも、かなり嬉しい。 (さらに…)

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