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Through N.E. Argentina to Uruguay/アルゼンチン東北部からウルグアイへ(2009/01/28~30)

水曜日, 2月 4th, 2009

On leaving the town of Puerto Iguazu on the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls our aim was to get to Uruguay. At this point it might be helpful if you consult the map below, otherwise it may be difficult to follow. Uruguay borders Argentine in the latter’s north east, and according to our guidebook there are a few land border crossings from which to choose in addition to crossings via the river Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires. We thus decided to make straight for Uruguay overland rather than going around via Buenos Aires. But bus travel in the north east is not the quickest, and because going to Uruguay direct would be an uncomfortably long haul we decided to make a pit stop for a night in Posadas and to continue from there to the border.

イグアスの滝のアルゼンチン側にある、プエルトイグアスの町から、私たちが目指したのはウルグアイ。今回のポストは、ぜひ地図を開いて読んでください。でないとわかりにくいから。アルゼンチンとウルグアイは国境を接しており、私たちのガイドブックにも、いくつか陸路で国境越えられる地点があると書いてある。私たちは、後々立ち寄る予定のブエノスアイレスに行かずに、もっと北の地点でウルグアイに入ろうと考えていた。でも、プエルトイグアスからウルグアイの町まで一気に移動するには遠くてしんどそうなので、一旦ポサダスという町に寄ってから、国境の町まで移動することにした。 (さらに…)

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Buenos Aires/ブエノスアイレス (2009/02/05~03/09)

月曜日, 3月 9th, 2009

Haven’t posted for a bit, and we hope you have all been well in the meantime. After Uruguay’s beach resort, Punta del Este, we arrived in Buenos Aires, the poor man’s Barcelona (not a dig a BA, but anyone who’s been to both places would surely agree that it’s an apt tag), on 5 February and decided to take a little break and study Spanish. It was really a no-brainer to study at a language school here as our lack of Spanish has been to date not only embarrassing, but extremely inconvenient. Ours was an intensive course, and lasted 4 weeks, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.



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Bahia Blanca & Patagonia I/バイアブランカ&パタゴニア地方 その1(2009/03/09~03/15)

土曜日, 3月 21st, 2009

After our prolonged stay in the capital, Buenos Aires, we set off for the far southern reaches of Buenos Aires province; specifically, to the Atlantic coastal town of Bahia Blanca by night train. Surprisingly, this was our first trip by train in South America. Arriving at the gigantic and impressive Constitucion station, our hopes were high, that was at least until we got a look at our train. We were welcomed by what we thought must have been a joke: an old rusting hulk with cracked windows, lockless (and seatless) toilets, and door knobs that would come off in your hand if not careful. This thing must have been at least 40~50 years old. At the same time, though, there was a good enough restaurant car attached such that Dan at least was satisfied. Anything is better than the sorry excuse for civilized transport that is the bus. Then again, Esshie had some issues with vertical bumps in the middle of the night that were powerful enough to wake everyone up. The sound alone made you wonder if the old relic had gone off the rails, let alone the raw reports from your own caboose. Annoyingly, too, the air conditioner was working perfectly-so well that is was bloody well freezing. And so it was with little sleep that we finally made it to Bahia Blanca.

長逗留した首都ブエノスアイレスを出てまず向かったのは、ブエノスアイレス州の南端に近く、大西洋側にあるバイアブランカ。この街へは夜行列車で移動した。南米初の電車移動!ブエノスアイレスにある立派なコンスティテゥシオン駅から出発したこの列車は、とにかく古くて驚いた。窓にヒビが入っていたり、トイレには便座もカギもないし(スクワット体勢のまま、足でドアを抑えつつ用を足すしかない…)、ドアノブが取れそうだったり、ギャグだろっと突っ込みたくなる古さ。この車両、軽く40~50年は経っているようだった。それでもなかなか雰囲気のいい食堂車もあり、電車好きのダンは満足していたもよう。ただ、深夜、何度も驚いて乗客皆が目を覚ますような縦ゆれが何度も起きて恐ろしかった。本当に車体が走りながら崩れ去るんじゃないかと思うくらいの大きな音を立てて、お尻が浮くほどの縦揺れが何度も起きた。レールの上を走っているのになんで?しかも冷房だけはしっかり機能するらしく、車内はものすごく寒かった。おかげでほとんど眠れないままバイアブランカに到着。 (さらに…)

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The End of the World: Ushuaia/「世界の果て」ウシュアイア(2009/03/15~18)

日曜日, 3月 29th, 2009

Heading to the End of the World is much like it sounds: a pain in the ass. That is, to get to Ushuaia (Argentina) from Rio Gallegos (Argentina) overland (which in SA unfortunately almost always means by bus) you have to pass through Chile. That means that you have to pass Argentine-Chile border points twice, and go through all the rigmarole that is normally associated with an overland crossing-talk about sucking. The map below tells the story of how Argentina and Chile unhappily share this Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire).

リオ・ガシェゴスからウシュアイアまでのバス移動は、チリ領を通らなければならないのでかなり面倒。バスはアルゼンチンとチリの国境を2度も通過するから、そのたびに両国の入出国手続きが必要になる。地図を見ると、ウシュアイアのあるティエラ・デル・フエゴ州だけが、ぷっつり途切れている。なので陸上移動の場合は、チリ領を通るしかない。 (さらに…)

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