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水曜日, 12月 17th, 2008

After a night train from Nice followed by two other connections we finally arrived midday at Barcelona’s Sants Station. Sants station is a very large and very modern railway station commensurate with a large European city-it had been a while since either of us had visited such a place and we were excited. We soon made our way to our hostel downtown via Barcelona’s impressive subway system direct from the railway station. The network is huge and getting around is a breeze. A one-trip ticket is 1.30 Euro; 1-day, 5 Euro; and a 2-day 10 Euro, but as the Euro has been really weak against the Yen (about 123 Yen to 1 Euro), it worked out to be quite cheap. Problem is the gate reader often refuses to recognize 1 and 2-day tickets for no apparent reason. Add to that the fact that there is never any staff member at or near the gates, and you find yourself buying the relatively expensive one-trip tickets. Thanks for nothing!

ニースから夜行やら急行やらを乗り継いて、お昼ごろバルセロナのサンツ駅に到着。サンツ駅は近代的で巨大な鉄道駅で、久々に先進国の大都市に来たという実感がわいてきて心もウキウキしてきた。早速、駅からメトロに乗って市内中心部のホステルに向かう。バルセロナでは地下鉄(メトロ)網が発達していて、路線数も多く、市内の移動には欠かせない交通手段。メトロは1回乗ると1.3ユーロ(約160円)、1日券が5ユーロ(約600円)、2日券が10ユーロ(約1300円)。最近はユーロ安だから本当に助かる。でも、1日券や2日券は改札機に差し込んでも正しく読み取ってくれず、改札ゲートが開かないことがしょっちゅう。駅にスタッフがいないことも多いので、止むを得ず1回券を買って改札をぬけたことが何度かあった。ああもったいない。 (さらに…)

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Madrid/マドリード (2008/12/06~09, 18~19)

日曜日, 12月 21st, 2008

Barcelona is connected to Madrid by Spain’s Renfe national, high-speed rail train, the “AVE” (Alta Velocidad Española). We took the so-called “tourist” second class, but had we not seen first class we would have assumed that we were in first-it was that comfortable. Shortly after leaving the station earphones were handed out, and no sooner did we look around than we found out why-there is a wide selection of music available and monitors mounted to the roof of the car which show movies! They even pass out com complimentary sweets. The train itself does not disappoint, either: fast, sleek, and stylish. Oh, and we were greeted at Madrid’s main station by a Jungle, yes, a jungle inside the station. Who wunnda thought that a state-owned company could get creative? Via take note.

バルセロナ~マドリード間の移動は、スペイン国鉄Renfeが誇る高速列車AVE(Alta Velocidad Española)。私たちは「ツーリスタ」と呼ばれる安い2等車にしたが、それでも車内はモダンでとても快適。発車後はイヤホンが配られ、座席の手すり下にある穴に差し込めば、音楽を聴くこともできるし、天井に据え付けられたモニタで流れている映画を観ることもできる。飴も配られたりする。その外観もとてもスマートでございました。そういえば、マドリードのアトーチャ駅に着いたら、構内にジャングルがあった!びっくりした。 (さらに…)

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Barcelona (Spain) to Santos (Brazil) by freighter “MSC GENEVA” / 貨物船MSC GENEVAでバルセロナ(スペイン)からサントス(ブラジル)へ (2008/12/29~2009/1/16)

日曜日, 1月 25th, 2009

*Please ignore dates on all photos: our camera broke and we had to use another that doesn’t record dates accurately–sorry.


The scheduled plan was that our freighter, “MSC GENEVA”, was to berth in Barcelona on 23 December, but due to schedule changes and then persistent bad weather she could not berth and our boarding day was pushed back, and back, and back until we were left wondering if we could board by the end of the year. And then finally late at night on the 29th we received word from the captain the “MSC GENEVA” was on approach and that we could board that night. We then quickly grabbed a taxi and made for the port-there to find, at last, a large container ship with “MSC GENEVA” on the bow. Though it was the middle of the night, the gantry cranes were all in full swing loading and unloading cargo from the ship. What with the movement of the huge containers and cranes all about the huge ship in the middle of the night, it was a tad intimidating. But after making it up the shaky gangway, we received a very warm welcome from the captain, the officers, and the crew. By the time we woke up the next morning the “MSC GENEVA” had already left port and was underway in the Mediterranean. After such a long wait, we were practically overjoyed at having just made it aboard.

バルセロナで は、2008å¹´12月21日に貨物船MSC GENEVAに乗る予定だったが、悪天候のせいで船が何日間も港に停泊できず、このままバルセロナで年を越すか・・?と思っていた矢先の12月29日深 夜、やっと船長から港に着いたので乗船できると連絡をもらった。早速タクシーで港に向かうと、船首のあたりに「MSC GENEVA」と書かれた巨大な貨物船が見えてきた。深夜だというのに巨大なガントリークレーンが活発に動いていて、コンテナ積下ろしの真っ最中。コンテ ナ群と巨大な貨物船やクレーンは、夜みると迫力があってなんだか怖い。船の脇腹あたりに着いている不安定な階段を上ると、船長や船員たちに暖かく歓迎され た。翌日目が覚めると、もう船は港を離れて地中海を走っていた。待った時間が長かったことも手伝って、やっと貨物船に乗れた嬉しさが込み上げてきた。 (さらに…)

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Seville & Cordoba/セビリア&コルドバ (2008/12/14~12/18)

火曜日, 12月 23rd, 2008

Upon arriving in Seville we were greeted by blue skies. Finally some good weather. Sun, we took you for granted. Seville is the capital of the province of Andalucia, and as such is a fair sized city. And I don’t know if it was the weather or what, but the whole town had a bright feel about it. Home of Flamenco and bull fighting, too-or so we’d heard. But then for reasons unknown (well, more than likely because we were feeling cheap), we left without seeing either one.

セビリアに 着くと、こちらも晴天。やっとお天気に恵まれてきた。久しぶりのお日様はとてもありがたい。セビリアはアンダルシア州の州都だけあって、かなり大きな街。 お天気のせいかもしれないけれど、街の雰囲気も明るい。フラメンコと闘牛もここが本場なんだとか。貧乏性のせいで、どちらも見ずに通り過ぎてしまったけど。 (さらに…)

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