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Arrival in Taiwan/台湾に到着しました (2008/01/15)

日曜日, 1月 20th, 2008

We arrived in the port of Keelung, Taiwan by ferry on January 15. As noted earlier, the boat and our berths were quite nice.

1月15日、フェリーで台湾の基隆(キーロン)港に到着。船も客室もなかなかのものでした。 (さらに…)

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Tourism in Taipei/台北観光 (2008/01/15~01/21)

月曜日, 1月 21st, 2008

Today we moved from Taipei to Taitung, on the East coast. Will write about that soon, but first a little about some tourism in Taipei.



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Taitung, Taiwan/台東 (2008/01/21~01/22)

木曜日, 1月 24th, 2008

Took the train down the East coast from Taipei to Taitung. Truth be told, there did not seem to be much to do in Taitung, aside from going to the markets during the day. But we do want to give a hot tip to the business hotel we stayed at–600NT dollars for a decent ensuite room with broadband internet access and free breakfast. That price is only a little over what you usually pay at a hostel for a bunk double with dialup.

台北から、台湾の東海岸を南下する電車に乗って台東へ。実際、台東市内では、昼間にマーケットに行くことぐらいしかあまりやることがない。ただ、我々が泊まったホテルは是非ご紹介したい。お風呂とトイレ、それに高速インターネット接続、しかも朝食付きのなかなか良いダブルルームで1泊600元。これって、ホステルで2段ペッドの部屋(トイレ・シャワーは共同)、ダイアルアップ接続の部屋の値段よりほんの少し高いだけですよ。 (さらに…)

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Kaohsiung/高雄市 (2008/01/22~01/24)

土曜日, 12月 19th, 2009

We arrived by train from Taitung to find a really quite appealing port city in Kaohsiung—the port from where we were to get on our China-bound freighter, the LT Cortesia. It is Taiwan’s second city, and has a very different vibe from the capital, Taipei. It is a much more “Taiwanese” city that Taipei as well.

台東から電車に乗って、魅力的な港町、高雄にやってきた。私たちは、この高雄の港から、貨物船「LT Cortesia」に乗って中国をめざす。高雄市は台湾第2の都市で、首都台北とはまた雰囲気が違って、台北よりももっと「台湾らしい」街だった。

Love River by day (top of page) and by night/昼の「愛河」(ページの頭)とその夜の風景


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To China by Freighter/貨物船で台湾から中国へ (2008/01/24~01/28)

金曜日, 2月 1st, 2008

On 24 January  from Kaohsiung Harbour we boarded the German freighter “LT Cortesia” bound for China. Departure was “on or about the 24th”, and, indeed, while we were first told by the agent that the ship would be along side at 13:00, she did not come alongside until 21:30. No matter though, the agent was great and kept in contact with us at the hostel until she was alongside, at which time he sent a taxi for us that took us through the port directly to the ship.

First time on a freight for us, and as you can see by the pics, these things are ginormous (is that a word?). The terminal’s business is frieght and not passengers, and so we had to be quite careful of all the cranes lifting freight about us whilst we awaited the lowering of the gangway. Going up that rickety gangway was something else also. We were greeted aboard by the very able Captain and then after the paperwork were led to our cabin by the 2nd officer, who explained the safety regulations aboard along the way.

1月24日、この日は高雄の港からドイツの貨物船「LT CORTESIA」へ乗船する日でした。前日訪れた代理店からは、貨物船は午後1時ごろ港に着く予定なので入港したら連絡するといわれていました。しかし結局船が着いたのは午後9時30分時頃。私たちは代理店が手配してくれたタクシーで高雄の港へ向かいました。



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