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Tunisia/チュニジア (2008/11/23~28)

月曜日, 12月 8th, 2008

The Tunisian side of the border was a bit of a walk from the Libyan side, but we made it without incident. No big change was noticeable, save that the picture on the wall changed from that of Colonel Kaddafi to President Ben Ali. Oh, that and the fact that as a relic of the days as a French protectorate, almost everyone here speaks French as a second language. Upon being quizzed at the border by both the border guard and the exchange guy in French, Dan did his best with what little French he could remember from his school days. Turns out French is useful after all-who woulda thunk it?

リビア側から歩いてチュニジア側国境まで来た。壁に貼ってある元首の顔は、カダフィ大佐から、ベン・アリー大統領に。チュニジアはフランス保護領時代の名残が強く、ほとんどの人がフランス語を話す。国境でも、アラブ人の入管職員や両替屋のおじさんからフランス語で話しかけられ、ダンが高校時代に習ったつたないフランス語で受け答え。ウィー。 (さらに…)

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