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Libya I (Eastern Libya)/リビア その1 (2008/11/16~18)

火曜日, 12月 2nd, 2008

Exiting Egypt was easy enough as the share taxi we got at the border town of Sallum took us in all the way to the immigration office. A good thing too, as there was some disturbance at the border gates: some youths were worked up about something and were chucking stones like nobody’s business. Can’t help but think that it might have been a problem had the driver just dropped us at the gate.

国境近くの街イッサロームからシェアタクシーに乗ると、車はそのままエジプト側国境ゲートを越えてイミグレオフィスまで直行してくれたので、エジプト出国は簡単に終了。それよりも、この国境ゲートでは、何かに怒った若い男たちが猛烈な勢いで投石しているという、ちょっと恐ろしい場面に出くわしたので、ゲート前で車から降ろされなくて助かった。 (さらに…)

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Libya II (Western Libya)/リビア その2 (2008/11/21~11/23)

金曜日, 12月 5th, 2008

画像 037

After what turned out to be an 8 hour drive along Libya’s coast we finally arrived in the West coast town of Homs. Besides arriving in the evening, since Dan seemed to have picked up a bug somewhere and as Homs is not exactly the party capital of North Africa, we decided to chill at the hotel. With nightfall were we accompanied by Ahmed to take dinner in a cheap, local joint for yet another helping of Chicken rice, but Homs-style this time (it’s probably a good thing Ahmed told us this, because this Chicken rice seemed oddly reminiscent of Bengazi-style Chicken rice). Like we said, dinner is included in the tour, but no doubt owing to the option we chose (cheapest) and the weakness of the Euro (tour payment in Euros), meals so far were all taken in fast food, cafeteria-style restaurants. And this one was typical: quite busy, but patronized exclusively by men without a woman or other foreigner in sight, thus making us the centre of attention for dinner.

早朝にベンガジを出発し、海岸線を約8時間もひた走り、やっとたどり着いたのがリビア西部の海岸沿いにあるホムス。ホムスには夕方着いたが、ダンは風邪気味だし、町にも何もないようなので、またホテルでまったりすることに。夜になり、アフメドさんと共に近くの安食堂でまたチキンライスを食う。夕食はツアー料金に入っているけれど、なんせ予算が低いので、アフマドさんチョイスのレストランはいつも安いファーストフードか大衆食堂。ホムスで入った店は混んでいるのに男性客しかおらず、外国人+女性ということで、かなり注目を浴びながらの食卓になった。 (さらに…)

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