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Lahore/ラホール (2008/05/14~05/16)

日曜日, 6月 1st, 2008

Lahore is about 30 minutes by local bus from Wagah. Lahore is a rather large city of over 5 million. Being cosmopolitan, it was not hard to find many a woman without any head cover, wearing jeans, and sporting sunglasses. Lahore is clearly one of Pakistan’s more open cities.

ワガからローカルバスに乗って約30キロ離れたラホールへ。ラホールは人口500万人を超える大都市。スカーフで頭を隠さず、ジーンズにサングラスで颯爽と歩く女性も見かけた。パキスタンの中でも「開けた」都市らしい。 (さらに…)

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Islamabad/イスラマバード (2008/05/16~05/17)

日曜日, 6月 1st, 2008

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, but has really nothing in particular to offer the traveler. We used it simply as a stopover from Lahore and as the start of our trip along the eighth wonder of the world, the Karakoram Highway (“KKH”) linking Pakistan with China. Of course, the de jure start of the KKH is a little farther north-west at the town of Havelian, but in practice is starts from the Pir Wadhai bus station in Rawalpindi (Rawalpindi is only a few kilometers from Islamabad).

イスラマバードはパキスタンの首都とはいえ、旅行者にとっては特に見どころもない。私達にとっても、イスラマバードは、ラホールから世界8不思議のひとつと言われるカラコルム・ハイウェイ(通称KKH)への通過点に過ぎなかった。正確に言えば、KKHの開始地点はハベリアンという町だが、実質的なKKHの旅の開始地点は、ラワールピンディ(イスラマバードから数キロ離れた街)にあるバスターミナルとなる。 (さらに…)

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Karakoram Highway I/カラコルム・ハイウェイ その1 (2008/05/17~05/25)

水曜日, 6月 4th, 2008

And now the highlight of our Pakistan trip, actually the reason we came, the Karakoram Highway. We started off from Rawalpindi at 08:00, and arrived at our first stop on the KKH, Chilas, at around 22:00. In other words 14 hours in our “VIP” minibus (no snickering: this was actually painted on the back of the bus). But the views are spectacular—if you are traveling up (north) the KKH, do yourself a favour and secure a place on the right for the best views; and, obviously, on the left when traveling down. You get not only the thrills of the sheer precipices, but also mind-blowing scenery.



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