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Welcome to our Web site, our-sekai.com. This site belongs to us, Dan McDonald and Yumiko Eshima, and is therefore unsurprisingly about us. For those unfamiliar with the Japanese language, the “sekai” of our domain name is simply the Japanese word for “world”. The characters or Kanji for “sekai” are “世界”, which appear in the title.
The purpose of this site is to document the progress on our world trip around the world by surface; that is, by land and sea only--no airplanes. On 5 August 2009 we reached Tokyo, our final destination and start point, and so completed our trip, but you may find further details of our trip in the "Info" section of the site and on our Blog. You can also follow the course of our trip below.

       Current Country Japan (Final Destination)

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Start date of world trip was 14 January 2008 with embarkation aboard theArimura at Naha, Japan with arrival at Keelung Harbour, Taiwan on 15 January 2008.
If your computer does not recognise Kanji (Chinese characters) and you would like to be able to see and input Kanji, there is software available for downloading to help with this.

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